Web Presence Working Meeting

Dates: June 14-16, 2021


To update and standardize the online presence of The WeBWorK Project, ensuring that information is current, modern and accurate.


Having a history spanning 25 years, information about WeBWorK and The WeBWorK Project has been posted in a number of different places.  Standards have changed as to how information is posted and communicated, and much information has become out of date.


  • Merge the front pages of openwebwork.org and webwork.maa.org
  • Rebuild the WeBWorK landing pages so that the static content on webwork.maa.org can be retired

We are looking for volunteers to help go through web pages on various WeBWorK websites, and work to make these current and consistent.  Among other things, this will involve

  • Updating, flagging or deleting content which is no longer relevant
  • Where possible writing new content that is accurate to the current state of The WeBWorK Project
  • Developing standards and procedures for maintaining the web presence of The WeBWorK Project

Strong technical skills are not required to participate, though technical writing ability and/or some experience with web page layout would be beneficial.  Participants should have some familiarity with the WeBWorK homework system and the goals of The WeBWorK Project.


  • Danny Glin
  • Marianna Bonanome
  • Monica VanDieren