Tea Times

Tea Time #3 – 4/30/2021, 1 – 2 pm EST

Increasingly WeBWorK content is being created and implemented for Physics, Chemistry and Engineering courses. Our contributors have created a wealth of rich content. Please join Todd Ruskell (Physics Department, Colorado School of Mines), Agnes d’Entremont (Department of Applied Science and Mechanical Engineering, UBC), Jennifer Kirkey (BC Campus and Douglas College) and Steven Fiedler (Chemistry Department, Fitchburg State University) as they lead a discussion focused on next steps for creating, organizing, curating and sharing non-math WeBWorK content. So if you are looking for content, have content to share with the community, have thoughts about content organization and/or would like to volunteer to help out – this is your chance! We hope to see you there!

Watch the recording here.

Tea Time #2 – 2/5/2021, 1 – 2 pm EST

Our last tea time discussion touched upon authoring WeBWorK problems for checking conceptual understanding. We plan to continue this discussion and share best practices. We will offer tips for beginners through more advanced users. Daniel Garbin of Queensborough Community College and Andrew Parker of City Tech will lead the discussion and share some of their own examples.

To wrap up, we will devote a portion of our time to taking feedback from the WeBWorK community on the OPL since the next major collaborative WeBWorK community project will focus on making the OPL easier to search, use and contribute to.

Watch the recording here.

Tea Time #1 – 12/7/2020, 2 – 3 pm EST

As many of us are entering our final exam periods we thought it might be helpful to highlight the gateway quiz feature in WeBWorK. Whether you are new to the feature or an experienced user with tips to share – please join us! We are happy to demo, share experiences and answer questions. 

Watch the recording here.