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Things to consider when choosing a hosting option

  • Content ownership – If you create assignments, exams, or new questions, does the system allow for exporting your content in a format which can be upload to a different WeBWorK server? 
  • Pricing – Is the cost based on the number of students, courses, or instructors?  What period does the fee cover (e.g. per month, per term, per year)?  Is the fee paid by the institution or the individual students?
  • Reliability – What sort of guarantee does the company offer regarding the availability of the service?  What is their response plan for system outages?
  • User Support – What level of support do they offer?
    • Help integrating with your learning management system?
    • Support/training for instructors who are new to WeBWorK?
    • Support for students who are having trouble accessing the system?

Hosting options