Get involved

There are many ways to get involved and connect with the WeBWorK community!

The WeBWorK forums are a great place to ask/answer WeBWorK related questions. For more immediate help contact us on The WeBWorK Project Slack channel. To get added to our email list, send an email to or, subscribe to our blog.

Throughout the academic year and in the summer, TWP hosts many community events such as:

Other ways to get involved

Over the past few months several groups of community members have been working on specific projects. If you have expertise and interest in contributing to these projects we would greatly appreciate your help! Please reach out to group leaders listed below.

  • Web presence – To update and standardize the online presence of The WeBWorK Project, ensuring that information is current, modern and accurate. Leaders: Danny Glin & Marianna Bonanome
  • OPL organization – Formalize content taxonomies for Physics, Chemistry, & Engineering & Process contributed content into the OPL (across all disciplines) Leader: Andrew Parker
  • WeBWorK Release Team – Engineering development and documentation on the next version of the WeBWorK software. Leaders: Glenn Rice & Andrew Parker
  • Creating a sustainable model for TWP and seeking grant fundingLeaders: Robin Cruz, Marianna Bonanome & Andrew Parker