Below is feedback from instructors and students who have used WeBWorK in their classes.

Testimonials about WeBWorK from instructors:

“Essential. It’s a must…WeBWorK–you have instant support with Andrew, and the questions are getting interesting with those graphics. That’s really interesting stuff. And it’s free for the students.”

“So this semester I am teaching Web Work, and it’s absolutely different. It’s much better, and I feel now confident to use that platform, and I do continue to use that platform.”

“So WeBWorK actually forces them to solve the problem step-by-step and kind of give them guidelines, and they have to punch the best notation. So they become more professional with this kind of training, and it helps them do the logic.”

“So using Web Work can be my assessment of whether students understand the topic or not. So sometimes technology is a good way to see whether students are understanding or not, whether I have to reteach or not.”

“It seemed–I know grading is terrible.It takes all the time of the faculty, andWeBWorK offered the students the opportunity to redo their problems, get immediate feedback, and also make it so I don’t have to grade them. It’s graded.”

“I saw that students become much more engaged in doing homework. They discuss with me some kind of problems from homework. So I see much more active part from students’ homework, from one hindsight.”

Testimonials about WeBWorK from students:

“The WeBWorK homework was very helpful to me.”

“The most helpful part of this class was that unlike most courses instead of getting textbooks we get to learn the material through the WeBWorK.”

“The online homework allowed us to actually know if we were doing the problems correctly.”

“I feel that the graphing activities were really helpful.”

“ I find that the homework assignments are very helpful for its critical thinking and helps me understand the lesson from the class.”

“I really look forward to every class with Prof. Parker, working on WeBWorK or just looking at the lesson is really enjoyable.”