OPL Code Camp


Dates: July 6-9, 2021


  • Formalize content taxonomies for Physics, Chemistry, & Engineering.
  • Process contributed content into the OPL (across all disciplines)


There are currently 12,000 contributed problems in the OPL that have not been reviewed, and until they are, it remains difficult for instructors to find and use them in their WeBWorK courses. Furthermore, for contributed problems in non-math disciplines, even if they are tagged, they do not have a formalized, comprehensive taxonomy for their classification. 


  • Establish a ‘comprehensive’ taxonomy for Physics, Chemistry, & Engineering
  • Update contributed Physics, Chemistry, & Engineering content currently in Contrib to use the new taxonomy, and process this content for inclusion in the OPL
  • Process mathematics content in Contrib for inclusion into the OPL

We are looking for volunteers to help with establishing taxonomies and processing contributed problems.  Among other things, this will involve:

  • Debating how to partition subject matter in Physics, Chemistry, & Engineering
  • Sorting contributed content into the new taxonomy
  • Updating, tagging, and deciding to accept or reject contributed content

Strong technical skills are not required to participate. Representation for each discipline is a priority, and volunteers will need to have some familiarity with a wide range of subjects within their discipline. Participants should also have some familiarity with the WeBWorK homework system and the goals of The WeBWorK Project.