Importing a problem set

Is your Homework Sets Editor Empty?

empty homework sets editor page
Where are my assignments?!

Click over to that “Import” tab, then select “multiple sets” from the first dropdown menu. You’ll see a box with a whole lot of problem sets that we can choose from:

setting up the import batch
Skip those “demo” sets!

Select all the problem sets below the demo sets. BUT WAIT! If you’re teaching any 1275 course you must be careful! Standard 1275 (4 credits) need to stop before you get to the “CO” files:

stop before getting to the CO files
Don’t go all the way down if you’re teaching a 4 credit 1275 course!

And the corequisite 1275+CO section (6 credits) have to scroll a little further down first! You need all the problem sets that reference “CO”:

scroll to "CO" if you have a 6 credit 1275
Keep scrolling down until you get to those “CO” files!

In order to make it easier to set due dates, use the “shift dates” option to fast-forward all the assignments into the current semester. It is also not recommended to assign all sets to all users at this time:

set the "shift dates" option
This will bring all your problem sets to the correct month and year…

Click “Take Action!” and wait for WeBWorK to load all the problem sets – you should eventually see this:

a successful import!
Great success!