WeBWorK2: Web-based online system for high school algebra

TitleWeBWorK2: Web-based online system for high school algebra
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsManda, A
UniversitySan Diego State University
CitySan Diego, CA
Thesis TypeMaster's

Author's abstract: WeBWorK is an open source web-based homework system primarily designed for mathematics. WeBWorK provides a useful tool for instructing students in teaching Algebra. It has been shown to improve success rates over classic paper-based systems. WeBWorK has numerous features, which make it an efficient and effective tool for learning. As an online web-based tool, it provides wide-range flexibility for both students and instructors. In this thesis we presented a case that WeBWorK could be easily adapted by high school instructors to make their work load decrease and improve the learning environment for their students. We designed an Algebra course webpage as an entrance to WeBWorK. Inside WeBWorK we show how to find appropriate problems, and then include special hints on solving the problems to enhance student learning. We discuss how macros can be modified in the WeBWorK code to create new features. In particular, we illustrate how complex problems can be graded with variable weights. Our work provides a prototype for developing an online Algebra course to aid instruction of Algebra in a high school.