Mathematics exercise system with automatic assessment

TitleMathematics exercise system with automatic assessment
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsHarjula, M
UniversityHelsinki University of Technology
CityHelsinki, Finland
Thesis TypeMaster's

Author's abstract: Automating mathematical exercises may provide both quality and efficiency benefits. This thesis examines the use of a system meant for this purpose and then considers the features such a system should have and how some of them can be implemented. Features such as integration to Single-Sing [sign]-On (SSO) systems and rendering of mathematical content in varying environments are discussed and then implemented for the chosen system.

Statistics from a test course using that system is analysed both from the general level and from the point of view of the answer input process and its problems. Solutions for problems observed with inputting the answers will be suggested and some corrections are implemented.

Some of the possible exercise types are examined, and observations on how one should construct them are given. Best practises on how generic exercises should be implemented with a system of this type are discussed.